Telekinesis Boy

Broken Arrow meth head given Telekinetic powers by a magical wish fish while noodling!


Force wall generation
RKA, NND based on ECV
Force BLast

Addicted to Meth


Jeb Johnson had mixed up a bathtub cocktail of meth and then decided to go Noodling!
A magical wish fish bit down on Jeb’s arm infecting him with the toxic waste in the Catfish’s mouth. After Jeb clubbed the fish a few times, he reaized that the fish was trying to talk.
He removed his fist and the catfish jumped up lit up a stogie and offered the unwitting sportsman an unique opportunity.
Jeb asked fo one of the fish’s cigars but the fish offered him power.

Or at least that’s how Jeb remembers it.

Most likely, it was the explosion of the meth mixed with odd chemicals in a batch of factory recalled cough medicine.

Telekinesis Boy

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